Arrive on time

Classes will begin at the designated time.  We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the class to allow you enough time to prepare for class and get comfortably set up on your bike.


Late policy

No one is allowed into the class 5 minutes after the door has been closed.

No exceptions. Late arrival could result in your bike being released to another rider.



Don’t be intimidated if a class is full!  We all sleep in and change plans so get yourself on a waitlist for a class.  You will receive an email if you get in a class.  If you decide to just show up, we will put riders in the class from the waitlist 2 minutes before the start of the ride. 



Please refrain from using your cellphones during class. They can be distracting to those around you. Let those 45 minutes in class be your time to disconnect from the outside world!


Pack light

Please refrain from bringing outside belongings into our studios. Our studios are spaces that require navigation by our instructors and other clients so let’s keep it clutter free by using the available lockers and entranceway to store any bags, shoes, jackets, etc.


No Snacking:

Please refrain from chewing gum and eating snacks in the studio.  We want to keep the space clean for all of our riders.