My classes are rhythm and cadence based, they are intense and motivating. The priority is to find the beat and stick to it; do that, and you're guaranteed a good sweat. I'm a stickler for technique and form and want everyone to feel powerful and confident. I encourage people to stay within their limits but to not underestimate themselves. Our bodies were built for endurance and movement and I want people to discover how strong they can be. You'll never come to a class without a couple of good climbs, jogs and many many runs, my class is difficult and extremely challenging but it will keep you improving and will deliver results. 

To me, spinning is a way to really let loose and do something positive for my body and mind. I love the music. I love the energy. I love the sweat.  

warning: explicit language


Music type: Deep House and new wave electro. I die for remixes of old soul classics and live for any and all Illicium bangers. Music that will lift you up and give you all the butterflies, beats that keep you moving and motivated to never give up. 

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